I made an editorial calendar for myself! I keep ignoring it. The battle to publish more often is only half won.

But today I’m all about celebrating the small wins. This week marks a major turning point for my family, one we’ve been waiting for for weeks, months – heck, years, if we’re honest about it. It’s a big step in the right direction and will relieve some serious stress that’s been weighing me down. In recognizing the bigness of this win, though, I want to make sure to honor all the small wins that got us here and that continue to get us through when times are tough. So here’s to winning, no matter how big.

Also on my mind this week:

Gordon's Breakfast


Gordon’s Breakfast. I was on my way to an event this week and suddenly the beautiful freedom of a summer night and a few hours to myself was too good to pass up so I ducked into one of my Raleigh happy places, Fox Liquor Bar. Like my Boston happy place Eastern Standard, I trust the bartenders implicitly to be able to take my incoherent babbling about flavor and turn it into a glorious libation. Last night I was presented with a Gordon’s Breakfast, which is refreshing and spicy and friggin’ brilliant. So, you know, exactly like me.

Reminder: Take care of myself


Self care. Now that we have a little more flexibility in our lives, what does it look like to take better care of ourselves? Lots of fruits and vegetables and water we already do. More of that probably couldn’t hurt. And yoga centers me nicely, but I’d like to feel healthier overall. A gym? A trainer? Swim class? What would be helpful to keep N’s stress in check, I wonder, too. Acupuncture? What does it look like to be healthier and how do we get there?


Raleigh City Farm


Digging in the dirt. I’m so excited to be volunteering with Raleigh City Farm. Last summer before we moved here my friend Anita mentioned she spent her Wednesdays on the farm drinking wine and pulling weeds, and I couldn’t wait to join her. Even when it’s 96 degrees at 8pm I’m loving the ability to get my hands (and feet and face and arms and knees) caked in dirt. It’s so satisfying to see the progress we’re making, and to haul away things that don’t belong so the things that do can be nourished and grow. Metaphor for life, indeed.

What’s new with you these days?