This is My Last Commute

This morning was my last commute into the Financial District. More poignant than that, it’s most likely my last morning commute into an office ever in the city of Boston.

I’ve had some terrible commutes. When I first moved here I lived in Chestnut Hill (never send someone with a car to find an apartment for someone who does not own a car) and worked in Brookline, which isn’t a bad commute once you’re at the train but I was dependent on two roommates who also worked full time to drop me off and pick me up at the station. Then I moved to Allston and walked through Coolidge Corner to get to my Brookline job, and it was pretty awesome to start my day with ¬†Peet’s and Brookline Booksmith.

Then I got a job in Somerville, almost in Arlington. For weeks I took the green line to the red line to the bus, until Pat threatened to punch me if I didn’t start taking the 66 bus. It shortened my commute, although not by much. The good thing about that commute was that if I wanted to meet people in the city after work, I could meet them anywhere, since I had to cross Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston to get home.

I got better at finding the shortest route as I got older, better at navigating around Red Sox games, and better at saying no to jobs that were T accessible but that would have required over an hour of train time. My current commute from Brighton to Downtown is an easy one thanks to express buses, and I’ve been lucky that as far as morning commutes go, it’s a pretty sweet one.

First, there’s a lovely flower stand on the corner of Federal and Franklin, where the bus stops. Jayne’s has some of the hands down most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen. The prices are way better than Winston’s, and the folks who run it are super nice. They’ll even deliver arrangements for your office, if you’re so inclined. It’s just nice to get off the bus and see bits of lovely right away.

Around the corner is Post Office Square. If you’ve never been, Post Office Square is neither square nor is there a post office in it, so welcome to Boston GOOD LUCK ASSHOLE.

Post Office Square

It’s such a pretty park, and I feel lucky to walk through it every day. Except when it is raining and I’m in flip flops, because then I might as well be walking on a Slip N Slide. This park also contains my very favorite morning stop, the place where I held lots of meaningful and lovely meetings, where they do fun swirly things on the tops of lattes and make super delicious food. Although my waistline will not likely miss the almost daily raisin twist pastries from Sip Cafe, my mouth and my mood certainly will.

Past that is a funny corner where food trucks sometimes park, and there’s a menswear store with two beautiful dogs that just sort of hang out in the doorway. There’s also FlatBlack, hands down some of the best coffee in Boston, and a short stretch of sidewalk that’s always covered in garbage, and new lofts going up called the FiDi Lofts and every time I see the sign I can feel the hair on the back of Ratty‘s neck stand on end.

On this commute I’ve run into friends and family, smiled at strangers, cried, yelled on phone calls, grumbled at movie trucks that blocked the way, and nearly danced the entire way after good news. Funny that such a small daily journey can mean so much after all.

By Jennifer Spencer

I'm a storyteller, food lover, book collector, and a Southerner at heart. I love connecting people.