Kindness Is A Big Deal

I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness lately, as noted on Twitter: I live in a city where kindness occurs in startling spurts, where you can’t count on it when you most expect it. Maybe that’s just city living, or maybe it’s Boston living, but when kindness happens it makes the white space of mean… Continue reading Kindness Is A Big Deal


Last week I was walking through Leventhal Park, one of the best things about my morning commute, and I saw a man taking a photo of a little girl in front of the fountain. My three second thought process went as follows: 1. Super cute. 2. You know, if we want men to take a… Continue reading Recently

Spreading the Cheer

I have to laugh at marketing teams banging their heads against the wall, wondering how to make content go viral. Maybe you should make it about cinnamon toast.