Spreading the Cheer

Sip Cafe in Post Office Square has the best coffee and the best storiesThis morning NJS and I stopped into Sip Cafe on the way to work, and the woman who rang in our order told us that her mother used to make her something she called “Cinnamon Cheer-Me-Ups” which was raisin toast with butter and cinnamon sugar on top. Nothing fancy, but seriously tasty, and just the kind of little thing a mom does for her family that brings comfort whenever it’s recalled or relived.

I already can’t wait for ESS to be old enough to eat these, and I love that a friendly conversation between strangers can pass a family tradition from one to the next. Who knows who else she’s told that to who has given it to their own children, who among her childhood friends shared in that with her and grew up to share with their families, who else ESS might encounter in his life ahead who will spread it.

3-D social media is the best thing in the world.

By Jennifer Spencer

I'm a storyteller, food lover, book collector, and a Southerner at heart. I love connecting people.