Pardon Me, You’re Standing On My Thoughts

Red LineSince we’ve moved, I’ve changed my morning commute up significantly from the express bus to a bus that picks up around the corner from my house and drops me on the red line, which I can take to a station about six blocks from where I work. Taking the red line after 7am, though, means standing elbow to elbow with plenty of other commuters, many of whom are jabbing one another in the eyeball attempting to read their morning papers. I’m not up for that kind of challenge before I’ve had my first cup of coffee, though, so I usually don’t read on a crowded train. If I remember my iPod (which I did not this morning) I’ll listen to music but mostly I try to focus on not falling down.

This morning, sans book or iPod, I did some thinking. Here’s what I came up with:

  • My doctor wants me to take a vitamin every day. While the bottle sits right next to my bed, I almost never remember to take them. But what if I kept them on my desk, near my tea mug? That would probably prompt me to take one every day.
  • I have two kinds of friends in my life: people I meet and hit it off with right away and we spend a ton of time together but then just sort of drift apart, and people I’ve known a long time with whom I don’t often chat or hang out but they are my deepest truest friends. The short-term friendships feel awesome as they’re happening, like suddenly finding yourself accepted by the popular kids, but then when we drift apart I feel terribly sad and lonely. I spend a lot of time and money going to events and spending time with people, but I want to make a shift and spend more time building those short-term friendships into long-term ones (which is tough to do when you only see each other at Tweetups) and spending more time nourishing my long-term friendships.
  • Planning any event is tough, and inevitably there will be vendors who charge a crazy amount, people who never RSVP, folks who ignore the hard work you’ve put into making the information available, and other bumps along the way. But because a wedding is such a personal event, every bump feels personal. And boy, does it hurt. I don’t think I was an inconsiderate wedding guest before this, but it certainly makes me realize how much an ignored invitation, inane question, or declined attendance at event can be hurtful to the folks throwing the party. Still working on how to not feel stung when these things happen. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

My ride is only a few stops along the red line, so that’s as far as I got. What do you think?

photo by brokentrinkets

By Jennifer Spencer

I'm a storyteller, food lover, book collector, and a Southerner at heart. I love connecting people.