Oh, Life

The thing about being a full-time copywriter and a part-time ghostwriter is that I pretty much never write for myself anymore. This is why I don’t want to go to culinary school – I’m afraid to make something I love become a bit of a chore. I do still love writing, but after some thought I realize what I really love is telling stories. That doesn’t always have to be through words, or lots of them anyway. I’m hoping to try out some new ways to get stories out there into the world that don’t always involve long form blog posts. In that spirit, here are some things that have been on my mind:


Marina Keegan.
My friend DJ posted about her recently released book of essays and it made me curious to know more about her. I perhaps vaguely remember hearing about her death, but the more I read the sadder I became. Not just because the world has lost an apparently tremendous talent (is her passing more tragic because she’s so good?) but frankly because there’s something about the excerpts I’ve read and the sparkle in her eye that makes me feel like she’s a long lost kindred spirit. I’m looking forward to reading The Opposite of Loneliness.




I mean, this is pretty much the theme of my life for the past three years, yes? I’m learning how to live comfortably within the discomfort of change, and to not rush to move things around as soon as it starts to feel bad. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and while there’s a certain amount of drama or negativity or general bullshit that I will not stand for, I can handle living in our cave apartment, home of the ants, for another year if it means that the next move we make it to a home that’s ours that’s perfect. I think I’m learning patience. And I want to learn it NOW.


I’m totally Alison.

Orphan Black. I’m completely obsessed. I’d seen a few people I think are super cool tweeting about it so when I saw Season 1 on Amazon Prime I figured what the hell. My favorite thing about this show is that I honestly never remember that these characters are all played by the same actress. Between the incredible job she does bringing life to each woman differently, and an editing job that’s at least good enough to fool my untrained eye, it’s easy to get caught up in the storyline and not in the effects. After a few nights of binge watching I’m now all caught up and the weeks between episodes are dragging by.


What’s new with you these days?

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