My New Job

As you may have already heard, I have accepted a new position at PerkStreet Financial as their Digital Communications Manager. I’ll be managing their social media strategy and customer e-communications, as well as their blog. I’m really excited to be making this move: it means I get to focus on writing and social media, which are two of my favorite things in the world after goat cheese and foie gras.  This is also the first time I’ve worked at a for-profit that wasn’t a farm or in a mall, but I don’t have to give up working for a company that is working hard to help people. Simply put – I’ve got the best of all worlds.

I’m really grateful to my social media and community management compatriots who have taught me so much that has helped me get to this point and will continue to be a valuable resource as I move forward. This will be the year that changes everything.

By Jennifer Spencer

I'm a storyteller, food lover, book collector, and a Southerner at heart. I love connecting people.