champagneA few years ago as I looked forward to the New Year, I decided to make a¬†more or less list¬†instead of resolutions. This year, it’s easy to think only of things I want more of in 2017, maybe because 2016 has been so emotionally difficult. More more more good things. All the good things.

More targeted support for the causes and people I hold dearest

It can be really overwhelming, especially living in North Carolina during a Trump presidency, to want to help EVERYONE who needs it. But a little bit for everyone just exhausts me and leaves me feeling like it’s not enough. So my goal for the year is to stop feeling guilty and apologetic for the things I’m not doing or the things I do quietly and privately, and focus on the things I am doing and the help I can give.

More books

During a lull in my 2016 book club, I joined two more. One is a culinary book club, which I’d been wanting to start/join for a while so I’m super excited to attend this. Another is a sort of random, let’s meet at the bar with a bunch of folks we don’t know well kind of jam, which goes along with my more casual gatherings goal for the year. And the 2016 one is picking back up, which means three book club meetings to start the new year.

More exercise at home

I don’t know why I don’t do this. I have a million plans for this and blinds on the windows so the neighbors can’t see me. This plays into wanting to do a big fitness/diet kick off with my husband, focused on February because then we can do it for a month but a short one.

More friends over for dinner

Really this is more casual gatherings. More messy homes and pizza and movies and just spending time with friends. We always start our new year this way, at a friend’s house on the 1st where they throw some chili onto the stove and folks bring over bits and ends and drop in and out throughout the day. My goal is to host or attend one event like this a month in the new year.

More ink

Tattoos are fairly pricey luxuries, which is probably good since it makes me stop and really think about what I want to get. I have a long list but the number one priority is updating a nearly 20 year old Chinese character into a tree. Because the early part of the year is really focused on buying a home and moving into it, I’m making a plan to get this tattoo done later in the year.

More starring vegetables

We eat fairly healthy anyway, but this year I want to really shift my thinking away from vegetables as a side or for health, and focus on vegetables in new and surprising ways. I’m definitely still planning to eat meat (lookin’ at you, roasted bone marrow) but as a side or accompaniment, with the main course of the meal really focused on unique presentations of seasonal ingredients.

More living and spending within my values system

We’re making some big changes in 2017 that will shift our spending drastically, in ways that are much more aligned with what matters to us most. Aside from that, I’m continuing to streamline our activities, meals, and home to reflect that even further. More spending on local, fresh vegetables and fruit. More spending on fewer quality pieces for my wardrobe. More travel. Less STUFF. Fewer band-aids and more fixes.

What’s on your list?