Memory Me

Isn’t it amazing how a song or a food or a glass of wine can recall a memory so strong you feel like you’re living in it?

Nightswimming” by REM. You know it, even if you didn’t have the bright yellow tape in your car in high school. No one doesn’t like that song. (It’s the Sara Lee of music, apparently.) As soon as you hear it you close your eyes and you can feel the chill that races across your skin from night air and the excitement of being naked outside. You can feel how warm the water is when you jump in, the uncontrollable laughter that hits you and your friends, the endless stars above you and the feeling that this moment is never ending and too short all at once. You feel this even if you’ve never been skinny dipping on a summer night – although if you’re a friend and reading this blog chances are you totally have.

After a bad break up, for over a year I couldn’t hear “Until the Day I Die” by Story of the Year without sobbing. In fact, there were a lot of emo songs on the tape he made me I couldn’t listen to. Not much of a loss, in the end – the songs or the guy.

On the other hand, my first indie-boy crush in high school made me a mix tape that I cherished fiercely, and “Classic Girl” “Tomorrow Wendy” “Something in the Way” and “Wagon” all make me smile from the recollection of that crush feeling.

And wine! So many of my favorite wines are about remembering the first time I had them versus rating. I had my first Viognier in Portland, Maine during a February vacation planned entirely around a dinner at Fore Street. The night before my companion and I decided to head to the nearest bar (Gritty’s) until we got hungry, then ask the bartender for a recommendation. We did and he sent us down the street to Mims, where we enjoyed oysters and a viognier that the waiter recommended. The night ended at their bar, enjoying bites from the plate of the owner and taking a limo back to the Inn because the taxi guy was out of taxis. Ridiculous, right? So this girl who loves full bodied, spicy red wines has been known to pour a glass of a sweet, flowery white and smile to herself.

What brings you comfort in your memories? Is it music or wine or all of the above? Tell us the story. Everyone loves a good story.

Also: here is the soundtrack to this post: as inspired by Joe Pernice (the soundtrack idea, not the song ideas). In a post that mentions a lot of songs would you rather have a playlist or individual song links?

By Jennifer Spencer

I'm a storyteller, food lover, book collector, and a Southerner at heart. I love connecting people.