Meet Me at the Bar

In a sudden and brilliant change of plans, NJS and I took ourselves out for an early Christmas dinner at Washington Square Tavern, one of our favorite places. We had dinner at the bar rather than a table, and I think I should point out if I haven’t already in this blog that I would always rather sit at the bar than a table. I love the conversations that are easily struck up among strangers, love watching the bartenders create cocktails and being able to ask questions about them, and I love the way the bottles behind the bar are organized but not neat, like a bookshelf of booze.

Watching another patron take photos at the bar last night, I noted to NJS that I was glad I wasn’t the only person who did that. And then I realized that I have taken quite a few photos of bars this year. Here are some of my favorites:

Eastern Standard
Green Street
Washington Square Tavern

In sifting through these photos, I realized I have a ton of really great food and wine photos from the year. Coming soon: my year chronicled in epicurean imagery.

By Jennifer Spencer

I'm a storyteller, food lover, book collector, and a Southerner at heart. I love connecting people.