In Defense of Defense

Field hockey goalie defendingI think the expression “Sometimes the best defense is a good offense” has it backwards. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. I look around and I see awesome local political figures getting pressure to reach for more power, I see marketers chasing shiny new tools, I hear the constant push to jump right in, take the bull by the horns, hustlehustlehustle. But it really is all about the timing. Sometimes it’s better to wait a little bit, let the fuss die down, and move forward when you’re ready.

I was a field hockey goalie in high school and college, and sometimes a player would break away and head straight for me, everyone else in her dust, and it took incredible patience to let her come to me and wait for the right time to go out. If I’d met her on the 50 yard line, then what? It would leave the goal entirely vulnerable if she’d beat me, and leave me trying to score using my feet if I’d beat her. I’m actually not even sure if that’s allowed, but even if it is it certainly wouldn’t be the best use of my skill set. The better move was to wait, to watch, to think and then to act. Waiting for the sake of waiting or because you’re afraid is ridiculous. Waiting until the timing is right, strategic waiting, is smart.

By Jennifer Spencer

I'm a storyteller, food lover, book collector, and a Southerner at heart. I love connecting people.