Pumpkin Ice Cream Bread from jennalyns.com: Trader Joe's pumpkin ice creamI’m not generally a sucker for all things pumpkin spice, but I have a blind faith in everything Trader Joe’s, so about a month ago we gave their Pumpkin Ice Cream a try.

I’ve never not finished a bowl of ice cream before, and even when it’s less than awesome I had never seen my husband turn up his nose at something sweet. This was just… awful. It was thick and gritty, with an throat-hurting sweetness and a spice flavor that was all HEY I’M PUMPKIN SPICE HERE TO KICK YOUR TEETH IN. Blech.

I didn’t want to toss it away, though, because I thought it might be a candidate for ice cream bread, which I’d been wanting to try since my friend Jeff alerted me to the craze. Killing time at the grocery store today (doesn’t everyone?) I grabbed a small bag of self-rising flour* and gave it a go.

You literally just mix softened ice cream (2 cups) and self-rising flour (1.5 cups) then bake it in a greased and floured loaf pan at 350 for 40-45 minutes. It doesn’t get much easier than that. The verdict?

Pumpkin Ice Cream Bread from jennalyns.com

Fantastic. I mean, really really delicious. Not only did this crazy recipe work it worked incredibly well with this particular ice cream, which tasted horrible in its original ice cream format. Go figure.

*yes, I do know that I can turn AP flour into self-rising flour, but I wanted to try this recipe with as little room for error as possible.

Have you made ice cream bread? What ice cream would you eat as bread?