Over the past few months I’ve been dedicated to turning more of my attention inward. I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone, saying no to things I feel like I *should* say yes to and yes to things that make me nervous, sloughing off the nonsense and anything that makes me feel lousy.

I’ve been prioritizing my health and well-being, a positive attitude and simplicity. Here’s how:

I’m Class(pass)ing it up! I am completely obsessed with ClassPass. Since it arrived in the Raleigh area I’ve been averaging 5-6 classes a week! Hot yoga, Flywheel, Pure Barre…you name it, I’m giving it a try. Next week I’ve got Jazzercise and circuit training on my list. I feel amazing, and I feel super grateful that I have a husband who gets our son up every morning so I can get to 6am classes.

I’m a Bee! When talking about dream jobs once, a friend once said, “I just want to be a philanthropist.” Of course, neither of us are rich enough for that, which is what led me to The Beehive Collective. It’s a giving circle that awards grants to non-profits focused on making Raleigh a better place. The Bees are smart, cool people and I love that the minimum gift to join is just .5% of your annual salary, making it accessible to a really diverse group. Not only that, when I signed up to join I also joined the Grants Committee to help develop the grants process and solicit, review and present proposals from local organizations. I’ve done fundraising before, and I’m doing marketing in my day job as well as most of my other volunteer efforts, and I wanted to try something I hadn’t done before. Double boom!

I’m going to surf camp! When the Farmdog Surf School Siren Surf Camp caught my eye, my first reaction was, “I MUST do this.” I’ve always wanted to learn to surf, I love yoga, and it’s the middle of winter so of course I’m in love with thinking about the beach. But then I started to talk myself out of it. Too expensive. Can’t take the time off work. Too much of a burden to leave my husband on his own for almost a week. Still, I couldn’t shake the daydreams, so I tried talking myself back into it. Affordable if I save well. A unique experience. Maybe I can bring the guys. I deserve it. I DESERVE IT. So now I’m not only going, I’m going with my friend Lisa who has made some serious sacrifices and brave changes in her life over the last year and definitely deserves a reward. I love that she and I have spent many a night bonding over pizza and wine and now we’re going to do it over surfing and yoga! And also pizza and wine.

I’m building a new network! Recently when I’ve gone to events with a marketing focus to network, it’s been feeling a little echo-chambery. I’m not meeting people I have anything to talk about with except work, and the people with whom I do enjoy talking are generally people I already knew and liked and don’t need to go to a networking event to hang out with. So in the spirit of trying to get out of the rather unpleasant rut I seem to be in, I’m building a new network. I’ve asked current friends and connections to introduce me to someone I wouldn’t otherwise meet at the kinds of stuff I’m at and I’m reaching out and making coffee dates. Know someone I should meet? Let me know.

I’m embracing the mess! I am a very particular sort of hostess. I like to always have cheese and crackers to put out. The house is always cleaned before company arrives. If you stay overnight I will stack your towels neatly and make you breakfast in the morning. Even if you come over for homemade pizza and a movie there will be flowers on the mantle and I’ll have spent too much time in Whole Foods agonizing over whether or not I should get appetizers. But after reading this article, and having held dinners like this at other friends’ houses, I’ve decided to loosen the reins a bit. The next time you come over, there may not be flowers. I probably won’t have appetizers. And I might not even put on makeup. But we will have a lovely time.

So what have you been up to?