I Believe, I Believe

This started out to be notes to myself, a thinking out loud on paper exercise to help me do some self-discovery. Then it started to sound to me like a Meg Tripp blog post (which I always enjoy) so I went ahead and hit the “Publish” button.

I love being a mom. I’m really good at it. As good as anyone can be, anyway.

I love social media. I love connecting people like pieces of a puzzle, and I love how easily and quickly it lets me meet new people and learn about new ideas.

I love books. I don’t find time to read as much as I’d like, but I love the way a good story can draw me in, and find great comfort in a shelf stacked with books.

I love being a wife, although it’s a lot harder to be a good one than it looks from the outside. I want to do a better job of saving the best parts of me for the people who deserve them and don’t ask for them, instead of giving every little bit to the most demanding entities.

I love exercise. Well, I love the idea of exercise. I like to challenge myself with running, and I like the way I feel when I workout, but I don’t prioritize it in my schedule.

I am too modest. Which is a nice way of saying I have inexplicably low self esteem. Good people sense this and constantly encourage me. Mean people see this and prey. I struggle with finding a graceful way to fight off the birds of prey.

I believe you cannot choose to whom you are related, but you absolutely do and must choose your family. I believe if teachers and farmers were paid like actors and football players, there would be world peace and no hunger. I believe that there’s no excuse to buy applesauce ever again once you know how easy and delicious it is to make yourself. I believe less is more and try to live by that every day. I believe it’s ok to have a froofy coffee drink every now and then.

I believe in giving up my seat on the bus for a nurse, who is way more tired than I will ever be after a day of work.

I believe in words. I believe that actions and words that don’t line up negate both.

I believe in you.

What do you love and believe in?

By Jennifer Spencer

I'm a storyteller, food lover, book collector, and a Southerner at heart. I love connecting people.