Beware of fake crowdfunding campaigns

beware of fake crowdfunding campaigns LGFCU
The North Carolina Attorney General is warning consumers to beware of fake crowdfunding campaigns. Criminals may be using these sites to spread fake stories of tragedy or, worse, use real stories of tragedy to raise funds for which the victims aren’t aware. Read more

This is not about the Kitchen-Aid tweet

kitchen_aid_tweet_snafuI don’t want to talk about about the KitchenAid debate tweet. I want to talk about how things like this turn us into snarling rubber-neckers and how gross that is. Someone just lost their job, less so for the mistake made and more so because of the content of that mistake, something they believe. When you say, “Good!”, when you make a joke of it, you are delighting in something bad happening to another human being. Are you cool with that? Read more

Celebrate Our Farm at the Annual Harvest Dinner

just harvest for blogAs summer winds to a close, we have much to be grateful for, like our bountiful crops and our generous volunteers. What better way to celebrate than to have one of our favorite local chefs turn our vegetable harvest into a wonderful dinner to eat right here on the Farm? Our Annual Harvest Dinner on October 5 will be a truly local celebration. Read more