I am a strategist, a social media junkie, and a word nerd with a flair for taking boring, hard-to-understand concepts and making them friendly and informative. I’m in the business of solving problems, whether that means helping a company articulate their brand through new messages and stories or helping a customer in 140 characters or less. I’m always interested in helping great companies and great people find each other.

2016 Hourly Rates

  • Copywriting/editing (includes blog posts, web copy, print, white papers) $100
  • Social media content, strategy, and analytics (includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+) $200
  • Meetings and communication (includes emails, phone calls, conference calls, Skype meetings) $75 

I offer a non-profit discount of 50 percent, at a cap of 12 hours per month organization. Per-project rates for all clients can be negotiated,  often for less than the hourly rate.

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