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2013 suckedThe end of 2013 cannot arrive at my door step soon enough for my liking. If you’ve followed me this year you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about how this was a transition year. Almost everyone I know or have heard of transitioned this year: lost a loved one, got a new job, moved, had a baby, got married… 2013 was difficult for all of us in some way, and a lot of us felt like, “I made it! I’m here! This is what I always wanted!” only to discover that it wasn’t *quite* what it appeared to be and it’s back to the drawing board. Maybe the new career path turned out to not be as great as anticipated. Maybe the new boyfriend was a bust. Maybe Mercury was in retrograde, like, all damn year.

For my little family, this year was about trying things we thought we wanted to discover we did not, pushing too hard to make things happen that didn’t, and stripping away as much nonsense from our lives as possible. 2013 opened with the passing of my father and ended with the passing of my husband’s grandmother. In between we lost jobs, clients, more family members, friends, and a lot of clutter we didn’t need. We gained new career directions, new friends, a new home, perspective, and maybe a few pounds here and there but who’s counting?

In 2014 I have a few goals that are pretty specific, but the big picture words and phrases are “home” and “good enough.” “Home” is about friends, it’s about family, and it’s about finding a place to land every night that feels homey to us. “Good enough” is about letting go of the shoulds and feeling good about what’s in front of me.

I also want to spend more time exploring what’s important to me. The way people feed their families is important to me. Getting to know local business owners and supporting the work they do is important to me. Helping awesome people find what they need (a job, a home, a friend) is important to me. How does that translate into stuff I can do? No idea, yet.

The awful thing about a transition year is that change is scary. The great thing about a transition year is that change is awesome. Many of us are where we need to be, poised at a starting line or maybe in the corner of the ring after a few tough rounds, and we’re ready with a new energy and focus to move forward from wherever we’ve landed.

Bring it.

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By Jennifer Spencer

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