Creamy Peanut Butter Pie: With Love From My Sofa

I have never met Jennifer Perillo. I wish I could remember what recipe it was that drove me to her blog, but I do recall it was her lemon thyme & hummus egg salad recipe that hooked me. I always enjoy visiting her blog and catching up on a few posts at a time, marveling at the drool-inducing photos, and learning a little more about her family. She grew to feel like a friend in that weird one-sided way you get to know people by reading their blog and following them on Twitter.

Recently, Jennifer lost her husband very suddenly. I don’t know why her loss has hit me so hard. Maybe because the pictures she painted of her family with her blog posts seemed so happy and full of love. Maybe because she never makes it look easy to do what she does, but she does make it look fun, and I know that her husband and daughters are a huge part of that. Whatever the reason, I was horribly sad to learn about this and wished there was something that I, a total stranger, might do to make any sort of difference.

In her most recent entry, Jennie noted that many have asked how they can help and she has responded with a recipe for Creamy Peanut Butter Pie, a dessert her husband adored and she’d been intending to make for him for a while. We are invited to celebrate Mikey by making this pie and sharing it with someone we love. The amount of tweets (#apieformikey) and blog posts I’ve seen – well into the hundreds – of this pie being made all over the world is really beautiful.

So I made a pie.

Okay, I didn’t make the pie. I’m on bed rest right now, so I can’t get to the store or even the kitchen. But NJS can. And so my husband made the grocery store run, brought all the ingredients and tools into the living room, and together we created this amazing pie that we will share with friends who are coming over for dinner tonight.

Bed Rest Baking Setup
The set up
Bed Rest Baking Whipped Cream
Whipping cream on the floor attracts the attention of a fuzzy inspector
Bed Rest Baking Mixing
I got this.
Bed Rest Pie Filling
Gonna bake a pie with some seriously delicious shizz in the middle
Bed Rest Baking Husband Help
NJS fills the pie hole

You don’t have to know the story of Jennie and Mikey to know that you should probably get offline right now and go tell the person you love the most that you love them. Then make each other pie, or go eat pie, or take a walk. Celebrate your love today, right now. Don’t wait.

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