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Tell the Whole Story

Whether you’re making art or putting on a conference, don’t be vague about the thing that makes you unique. Tell your whole story.

How To Be A Great Conference Attendee

Last year I volunteered for the Internet Summit here in Raleigh. What I saw was inspiring, and not necessarily in a good way.

This is My Last Commute

This morning was my last commute into the Financial District. More poignant than that, it’s most likely my last morning commute into an office ever in the city of Boston. Funny that such a small daily journey can mean so much after all.

In Which Marissa Mayer Pisses Off Everyone

As a mom with a full time job outside of the home (oh how I hate the phrase “working mom” – aren’t they all?) I can tell you I’m grateful for the occasional work-from-home day when I can catch up on laundry and stay in my yoga pants while getting my job done. But then again, we’re not as good as we could be at keeping each other in the loop when a team member is working remotely. What’s the answer?

Past the Point of Inspiration

As I sat in a small auditorium at MIT yesterday listening to Seth Godin talk his talk, I came to a realization. Not that I needed to create and share my art (I’m right on top of that, Rose!) nor that I should try to aim for the tribes of outliers. Instead I realized, “This is not for me.”

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