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Putting the Bed Rest Brakes on Your Career

When my husband and I started talking about having kids, I tossed and turned over the implications it would have on my career. Little did I know how much one visit to the doctor could turn small worries about my professional life into crippling fears and leave me floundering for answers.

Civilization Moving Backwards

I’m not even sure where to start writing, I’m so stupefied by what happened tonight. I’m angry, and disgusted, and finally completely bewildered as to how I can be so out of touch with society. Do you ever feel like that?

Homemade Raspberry Seltzer For Your Soul

There are some meals and drinks I enjoy at restaurants that I want desperately to recreate at home. But then there are some things that should just remain a magical mystery. The homemade raspberry seltzer at Flour Bakery + Café is one of those things.

It’s All In The Ap-poach

There is something about a poached egg on top of a dish that heightens its elegance and comfort in a way little else can.

Lent Me Some Patience

Not coming from a particularly church-going family, I don’t usually observe Lent. Something I read this morning, though, made me rethink that.

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