Latte Memories

One minute you’re sipping a pumpkin spice latte and then BOOM the memories just keep coming like waves before a storm.

Good Enough Home

The end of 2013 cannot arrive at my door step soon enough for my liking. With 2014 in my sights I feel like my goals are finally possible. The awful thing about a transition year is that change is scary, but it gets us where we need to be to form a new starting point.

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Doin’ It

To be where I’ve been in my head for the past few months, trying to figure out what the next right thing is, is entirely a blessing.

We Were On A Break!

I’m taking a break from my usual blogging here (you know, because I do it so OFTEN and all.) to chronicle my summer over at Six Week Sabbatical. See you in the fall! Stay sweet. Don’t change. LYLAS.