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Snow Day Muffins

Laugh all you want, New England, but I’m using this snow day with a whole two inches of snow on the ground to slow down and enjoy time with my son, not to mention enjoy time with some tasty and hearty blueberry muffins.

Ice Cream Bread – Yes You Can!

I’m not generally a sucker for all things pumpkin spice, but I have a blind faith in everything Trader Joe’s, so about a month ago we gave their Pumpkin Ice Cream a try.

Loaded Frittata, Man

Not wanting to waste all the healthy, super fast recipes on breakfast I’ve been focused on the dinner frittata of late.

Jam On It

There’s something satisfying about breaking down a recipe into simple ingredients and building it back up into something that you thought you knew well. I thought I knew well that strawberry jam was a complicated, sticky mess to make. Prepare to see my mind blown.

Boston Bucket List

After 13 years in Boston, I’m heading down south to move to Raleigh, NC. Before we go, N and I are working on our rather food and drink heavy Boston Bucket List. Some are old favorites, some are new and exciting, and some are places we’ve always meant to go but still haven’t been after all this time. What’s on your local bucket list?

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