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The Sound of Memory

The summer after I graduated from college was one of those turning points in your life that was really hard at the time, but that you long to return to years later, after only mostly the good memories live on under the warm Instagram filter of nostalgia.

Roasty Toasty Tum Tum

What is it about roast chicken? It’s such a simple dish to make and yet it’s absolutely divine. This is the best, the most, the very-est of all the chickens you’ve ever roasted.

Best Lobster Roll Ever

I was born in Maine. I lived in New England for a collective 20 years. And I am here to say: the best lobster roll I’ve ever eaten was in North Carolina.

Go To Portland, Maine

I can’t tell you how often I recommend folks to Portland, Maine. I get excited when someone asks me what I recommend there, and I get wistful remembering the times I’ve spent there.

We’re All Winners

Here’s to winning, no matter how big. And here’s to spicy cocktails, MOAR YOGA, and getting dirt under my fingernails.

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