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Menu Planning for Sanity’s Sake

It feels sometimes like our lives are held together by duct tape and menu planning. Without the weekly menu plan routine, we’d most certainly overspend on groceries, waste food, and end up ordering in most nights anyway. It took us a few months to find our groove, and now that we have I’m not shy about sharing the reasons that we did.

In Which Marissa Mayer Pisses Off Everyone

As a mom with a full time job outside of the home (oh how I hate the phrase “working mom” – aren’t they all?) I can tell you I’m grateful for the occasional work-from-home day when I can catch up on laundry and stay in my yoga pants while getting my job done. But then again, we’re not as good as we could be at keeping each other in the loop when a team member is working remotely. What’s the answer?

Some Kids Like Spinach

The media would have you believe that all kids are biologically programmed to hate vegetables. To send that message to new parents, and to reinforce it to older kids through advertising, sets families up for nutritional failure.

Puzzle Pieces

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that reason is most often a good one. Otherwise why get out of bed in the morning?

Father Christmas

The night before the Great Dognapping Incident of 2012 (known to some as Christmas) I picked at cold rotisserie chicken in a hotel room.

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