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The Sound of Memory

The summer after I graduated from college was one of those turning points in your life that was really hard at the time, but that you long to return to years later, after only mostly the good memories live on under the warm Instagram filter of nostalgia.

Latte Memories

One minute you’re sipping a pumpkin spice latte and then BOOM the memories just keep coming like waves before a storm.

Enamored With Raleigh

I’ve lived in Raleigh for 2 weeks now and already I’ve encountered spiders the size of my kid’s fist, used a jug of vinegar cleaning mildew, and washed poopy crib sheets in the tub. That said, I love Raleigh and yes, I have counted the ways. 10 of ’em, to be exact.

We Were On A Break!

I’m taking a break from my usual blogging here (you know, because I do it so OFTEN and all.) to chronicle my summer over at Six Week Sabbatical. See you in the fall! Stay sweet. Don’t change. LYLAS.

Lockdown: My Story for My Son

Someday Eli will ask me about this, and I want to write this while it’s still fresh. Here’s what it was like in our corner of the world on April 19.

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