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Best Lobster Roll Ever

I was born in Maine. I lived in New England for a collective 20 years. And I am here to say: the best lobster roll I’ve ever eaten was in North Carolina.

This is My Last Commute

This morning was my last commute into the Financial District. More poignant than that, it’s most likely my last morning commute into an office ever in the city of Boston. Funny that such a small daily journey can mean so much after all.

Boston Bucket List

After 13 years in Boston, I’m heading down south to move to Raleigh, NC. Before we go, N and I are working on our rather food and drink heavy Boston Bucket List. Some are old favorites, some are new and exciting, and some are places we’ve always meant to go but still haven’t been after all this time. What’s on your local bucket list?

An Ode to Eastern Standard

I have spent many nights and devoted many memories to Eastern Standard, although not as many as some of my friends. When I lay it all out like this, and these are nowhere near all of the occasions I’ve spent at ESK, it’s hard to imagine my life without this place.

Lockdown: My Story for My Son

Someday Eli will ask me about this, and I want to write this while it’s still fresh. Here’s what it was like in our corner of the world on April 19.

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